1. Innovation

We combine in-class courses and online face-to-face courses in our Blended learning programmes. You will learn with your own teacher, with the same interaction as in an in-class course, and at the same time enjoy the utmost flexibility.

 2. Flexibility

An organisation that is oriented towards the needs of the client, and that from the very first moment accompanies its clients in their training process, starting from their goals and needs.

 3. Programmes

General content or professional communication content, to go up a level, tailor-made programmes, skills seminars, specialised seminars per sectors, intercultural training, official exams.

 4. Our team

Our experienced teaching staff with specific teacher training moderate interactive and participative classes where students are the centre of the learning process.

5. Measurable results

We work with measurable goals. We set the achieving of goals in the time and cost. We speak your language.

6. Global solutions

 ABCHumboldt is a local player that offers global solutions for your company through its online face-to-face programme, regardless of where you are. .

 7. The centre

Our head office is in Barcelona and we offer courses in associated centres all across Spain: Madrid, Seville, Bilbao, Valencia, Zaragoza, A Coruña…

 8. Top installations

Installations occupying more than 1.000 square metres, fitted out with state-of-the art resources, providing you with the ideal setting for your learning.

 9. Experience

For more than 30 years we have been designing, teaching and measuring training projects for companies, institutions and individuals.

 10. In one word: Our challenge is to offer our clients and students the best possible service. We identify with your goals.