ABCHumboldt was founded in 1986 and since then has earnt its reputation as a reference for language training, intercultural programmes and European projects.

 40,000 students have passed through the school over these past 30 years .


‘Top Gun’, one of the box office hits in 1986.

In 1986…
…we were watching the sky: we had discovered a strange hole in the ozone layer; Halley’s comet had come back to visit Earth; and, we saw the planet Uranus at close range for the first time. This was also the year the first space station, MIR, was launched, and of the Challenger disaster.
· The Statue of Liberty celebrated her 100th birthday.
.On 1st January 1986 Spain joined the European Union; the Soviet Union still existed; Ronald Reagan was President of the USA, and Pinochet of Chile.
· 1986 was the first year that an African, Wole Soyinka, won the Nobel Prize for Literature.


When the school was founded in 1986, Barça still hadn’t won a single European Cup (but Johan was about to return…).

Open day

To celebrate the school’s 30th anniversary this year, you are invited to our Open Doors Day on 9th June, from 4p.m. onwards.

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13.45, 17th October 1986. Lausanne, Switzerland.


In 1986, the school barely covered 45 m2; today we have more than 900 m2 spread over several floors.

The school today is located in a spacious, modern building with a terrace that enjoys views over the city. Thirty years ago, the first office of what is today ABCHumboldt was just 45m2. The space soon became too small, a trend that would continue with the school’s subsequent spaces in Passeig de Gràcia, Via Augusta and Carrer Còrsega.

The school’s 30th anniversary.

And despite the changes, we haven’t really moved out of the neighbourhood. The route the school has taken isn’t just proof of its roots and connection with Barcelona, but also confirmation of a special commitment with a particular area of the city. More than 10,000 days serving the community.

“Humboldt was born in 1986 with the simple idea of creating the best language school possible, from the students’ –as well as the teachers’ and employees’– perspective. To do this, we search for the best solutions for our clients, but always within a working framework in which people can develop and feel respected.

A company –like a person– is an experiment. And it all happens too quickly. You make mistakes and put things right, perhaps, but always rushing. Rushing faster than the years, as the poet said. Time will tell if it has been worth it. I believe it has.”

Klaus Schumacher
Director, ABCHumboldt


29th June 1986. Argentina won the World Cup in Mexico against Germany. It was the World Cup of the famous “Hand of God” (as the goal scored by Maradona, with the help of his hand, is known) during the quarter-finals against Peter Shilton’s England team.

Greatest Hits of 1986