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Before you go

Emergency numbers for Barcelona

For all general Barcelona information, you can call 010. From there they will refer you to other numbers as well.
· EU standard emergency number: (+34) 112
· Ambulance: (+34) 061
· Catalan State Police (Mossos d’Esquadra): (+34) 088
· Fire Department (Bombers): (+34) 080, (+34) 085
· Local Police (Guàrdia Urbana): (+34) 092
· Military Police (Guardia Civil): (+34) 062
· National Police (Policía Nacional): (+34) 091
· Hospitals: (+34) 93 454 60 00 / (+34) 93 418 34 00
· Dental emergencies: (+34) 93 227 47 47

Emergency and useful telephone numbers

Barcelona is not a dangerous city, in the sense that there are few violent crimes committed compared to major urban centres in the USA, for example. However, petty crimes happen. Thieves are especially aware of tourists and are experts at taking advantage of newcomers’ naivety when caring for belongings, especially in crowded areas such as Las Ramblas, the metro and buses. While it is not necessary to walk the streets of Barcelona in fear, it is important to be smart about where and how you carry your bags and wallets.

If you are robbed and want to report a theft, you should go to the National police (“Policía Nacional”). There is a police station (“comisaría” in Spanish, “comissaria” in Catalan) near Las Ramblas at the metro Paral.lel on Carrer Nou de la Rambla, 80.


Barcelona has one of the best and more diverse culinary offers on Earth. From the most traditional or exotic street food to the coolest innovative “Adrià’s restaurants” and old temples of gastronomy. You can explore it on this blogs:
Food Barcelona/ Gourmet’s/ Guía del Ocio/ Mantel a cuadros

Arts & Activities

Barcelona is a big city, but it’s the perfect size to discover on foot. If you can’t get to them all, you can always come back. Discover some activities on this webs:
Barcelona Cultura/ Time Out/ Le Cool/ Butxaca


Barcelona’s tourist office offers guided tours and useful information for new comers. See website.
The city’s official website with information in spanish, catalan and english. See website.


Credit Card free phone numbers in Spain

If you have a credit card mishap and need to make a cancellation, you can call these toll free numbers:
· American Express: (+34) 900 994426
· MasterCard: (+34) 300 371231
· Visa: (+34) 900 991124


Transport to/from Barcelona Airport
· Aerobus is the fastest way to reach Barcelona city centre with public transport. There are two lines that connect T1 and T2 with Plaça Catalunya. Price single ticket: 5,9€.
· Taxi stops in front of terminal 1 and 2.
Prices aprox: 24€ Plaça Espanya/ 27€ Plaça Catalunya/ 30€ Sagrada Familia.
Info & Reclamations: (+34) 932 235 151
Lost objects: (+34) 932 234 012
You can find more information at Barcelona El Prat Airport.


All information about Barcelona’s underground and bus system is available on TMB.
If you plan on using the trains and buses regularly it is advisable to buy a T10 card that is valid for 10 rides (with no temporal limitation) on either the metro or buses.

Information about regional and long-distance trains can be found on Renfe.
Spain has a huge speed-train network called AVE.

Bicing is the public cycling service and is one of the best ways to move around town.

There is no Uber in Barcelona, but taxis are good and cheap compared to other European capitals. There is no flat fee for transfers from the airport to the city center or viceversa, but the average cost is around 30 euros.

Cars, motorbikes, scooters and bikes can be rented easily in dozens of providers on and offline.

24 Hour Pharmacies

Here are a few 24-hour pharmacies in the center of Barcelona. You can also call the general info number (010) for more listings.
· Farmàcia Clapés: La Rambla 98, tel. 93 301 28 43
· Farmàcia Torres: Carrer d’Aribau 62, tel. 93 453 92 20
· Farmàcia Álvarez: Passeig de Gràcia 26, tel. 93 302 11 24

Other ressources

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